How to Save Money on Groceries: Don’t Put All Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

The new year means keeping your resolutions and starting 2016 with money in your bank account.  We know it’s not always easy to save money on groceries, but if you follow these simple tips, you will have a little extra money saved at the end of the month.

Plan your meals out before you go to the grocery store.

We all know that if you go to the grocery store with a few items in mind you will end up buying more than those few items.  Be prepared!  Start each week with an idea about what meals you will make and what ingredients you need in order to make them.  If you plan out what groceries you are going to purchase, there will be no surprises.


Don’t be afraid to go the frozen route.

There are a lot of foods that are organic, healthy, and delicious frozen.  Below are two frozen food options we love at Trader Joe’s. Try buying frozen fruit and making a smoothie or turkey meatballs to warm up for dinner.  These products are both easy to make and easy on your bank account!


Don’t buy prepared fruit…prepare it yourself!

The number one easiest way to overspend at the grocery store is to buy prepared fruit.  You will spend half the money if you buy a whole watermelon and slice it yourself than you would if you bought pre cut melon.  We know it’s tempting but this easy switch will save you a lot of money in the long run.


Experiment until you find a reasonably priced wine that you actually prefer.

Don’t settle for cheap wine that you don’t enjoy!  There is also no need to treat yourself to expensive wine that you cannot afford.  Try some wines out, ask questions, take pictures of labels you have tried and liked. We recommend Whispering Angel Rose.  It is delicious and costs less than $20.


Cook meals that make great leftovers.

If you know certain dishes get soggy the next day and are not edible, try to avoid cooking those dishes.  When you make pasta, heat the sauce separately so the noodles stay fresh the next day.  Don’t mix the entire salad with dressing so that you can eat it again.  Leftovers are not the enemy!


Stop buying water bottles.

Put your money towards a Brita water filter rather than buying water bottles every week or month. Ultimately, it will save you a lot of money, and it’s good for the environment!  If you really can’t stop buying water bottles, order them off Amazon Pantry, and find the 24 pack of waters for $5.